Tackling the JET Program Application (Part 3)


Hello hello! Sorry for the delay in posting, life has been busy and blah blah. Let’s look at the rest of the online application for the JET Program! I’ll try to give any tips I can think of.

For now, I’m going to skip Contact Information, Higher Education and Teaching Background. I mean, they’re pretty straight forward and I doubt I can give any tips on what you studied in uni, where you live etc. 😛

International Experience: With this section, I would just say to list as much as you can. Even if you think it’s insignificant. Did you travel to Canada once when you were in junior high school? Put it. Did you go to Mexico every year to visit relatives? Include it. People who have traveled and experienced different cultures are looked favorably on by JET. If you’ve studied in a foreign country for an extended period of time, you had better be sure to include the documentation of your study abroad course.

Employment History: For this, I’m not going to say much.  Give some thought to how you answer the final question, however. You probably won’t earn too many points by writing something like ‘Well I’d love to live in Japan for a while and then travel a lot’. Think of how Japan can benefit from you after you leave. 

 Japan Related Studies: Fill out all the Japanese study you’ve done – both formal AND informal. Rather than writing that you watched anime with English subtitles, you might just want to list it as ‘self study’.

For the Japanese language evaluation, BE HONEST. If you can’t speak a lick of Japanese, that’s okay. If you’re めちゃペラペラ, that’s okay too. I’ve heard people often debate that if your Japanese level is too high, JET won’t accept you. This is not true. Use the guidelines provided and be honest with your Japanese language proficiency, it’ll be easier on everyone.

Other information: Put all of the awards, volunteer, extracurricular activities that you can! In my opinion, this section looks good when it’s all full. Think of as many relevant activities that you’ve done that would fit here.

A new question that was not on my application was the ‘b. When did you first become interested in Japan?‘ and ‘What was the reason that you first became interested in Japan?’ 

I would say to just answer these questions honestly. Don’t worry about sounding like an otaku if you became interested in Japan by watching anime or playing videogames as a child. I know that as a child, DBZ, Sailor Moon and Pokemon were my JAMS. From there my interests branched out to solely Japanese pop music.

I’m willing to bet that a sizeable majority of people who apply (and have applied in the past) were introduced to Japanese culture in the same way. The JET people know this.

And finally, we come to the Self-Assessment Medical Form. The only advice I can give is to, once again, BE HONEST! I actually think that it’s much more important to be honest here than anywhere else in your application. If you have a condition of any type, let them know now. If not, it might come up later and cause delays and other headaches. Once again, JET accepts people of all kinds. So don’t worry that you won’t be accepted if you have a certain type of condition or affliction 🙂

And that’s it! I’ve given you all a rundown of the online application and any tips and thoughts I had. Hopefully I was able to provide some helpful advice for anyone applying this year! As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave me a comment!

Good luck with the online application! I’ll try to write another post about the SoP (Statement of Purpose) and references. And then interview process too!





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