Uncle Bowl?

ひよこちゃんと…お母さん?? X__X

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I’ve never been a huge fan of Thanksgiving food (stuffing is an abomination of a food. I said it), but every year I find that I don’t mind turkey as much as I think I do.

With the leftovers from the day before chilling deliciously in the fridge, I’m left with several choices for breakfast this morning. I could fry the mashed potatoes into pancakes (in celebration of Hannukah week!), I could throw cranberries in oatmeal or I could just stop trying to be creative and just eat the only remaining slice of pecan pie.

Or…I could make a turkey omelette.

When I first thought of this, my stomach growled hungrily in response. ‘Yes!’ it seemed to scream. ‘Turkey and cheese inside an omlette? Nomnomnom!’

But the more I think about it, the weirder it sounds. ‘Isn’t that…kind of weird? My brain responds. ‘I mean, it would be cooking eggs with turkey.’

While I respect vegans and vegetarians, I am not one. However, I’ve always had kind of an aversion to eating two things that come from the same animal at the same time.

In Japan, the popular comfort food oyakodon is pretty much just that. It’s a chicken, onion and rice bowl that has an egg cracked on top of it. The name in Japanese, 親子丼, literally means ‘Parent-child bowl’.

I’ve eaten oyakodon before and to be fair, it is good. But I couldn’t shake the squicky feeling of eating something called ‘Parent-child bowl’. Apparently, the name isn’t as off-putting in Japanese as it is in English?

‘But but!’ my stomach pleads. ‘It’s not the same! Chickens and turkeys are different! They both come from different eggs!’

A fair point, I think. It’s not really ‘Parent-child’ in that sense…

‘But would it maybe be like ‘Uncle-child’?’ my brain chimes in again. God dammit.

So here I sit, gobbling down the last slice of pecan pie for breakfast. I take comfort in knowing that I’m not eating anything that can be described with two family members. When it comes to animals, I prefer to eat and appreciate them each individually.

Except cheeseburgers. I can deal with that.


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