I stare at the search boxes excitedly, my mind full of possibilites.

‘SAT to LHR’ , I type.

When do I want to go? Now…but that would be too expensive. I choose flexible dates between February 5th and February 24th. That seems good.

As the progress bar loads and offers pop up all over my screen, my fingers flex in anticipation of what I’ll find.

Hmm, these tickets are a bit pricey. Maybe I should try somewhere else.

‘SAT to YMQ’. Yeah, Montreal sounds like a cool place. I’d definitely want to check that out.

Oooh, much cheaper! I feel my excitement build as my eyes scan the options displayed before me. Is February a good time to go to Montreal? I don’t even know. Would anyone go with me…?

What about South America?!

‘SAT to BOG’

Whoa. That looks affordable. But damn, is my Spanish up to par to justify a trip to Colombia by myself? And is it really that safe? Hmmm.

After surveying Australia to Zimbabwe (yes, seriously), life pulls me back to reality. I reluctantly close the travel website and, with a sigh, go about my day. All the while, visions of interesting locales taunt me as I make my way through my day-to-day routine.

One day soon, I’ll commit, book a ticket somewhere and embark on a mini-adventure. Until then, however, I know that I’ll continue this maddeningly undecisive tease of a dance with travel websites.

Such is the life of a Wishy Washy Wanderluster like myself.


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