Confessions of a Eurovision Fanboy: Melodifestivalen Reactions (3rd Semifinal)


As I explained in a previous post, I am a huge Eurovision fanboy and I’ve been watching the semi finals of Melodifestivalen when I can. Here are my thoughts on the 3rd semi final.

Please keep in mind that these are my thoughts from 1) an American perspective and 2) they are my real-time, initial reactions.

1) ECHO – Outtrigger — Wow, what the fuck. I wasn’t sure these guys were serious at first, but damn. It’s not really my preferred style of music, but his screaming is pretty on point. I don’t know if this will make it. But I guess, Lordi won in 2006 (2007?) so I might be wrong. The crowd seems to love it. The performance was certainly encaging (hohohooo). This one might advance.

 2) EKO – Red — (hmm this name seems similar to the one above…). Digging the synths. Not so much the song itself. She’s a good singer, though. It’s a bit too slow for my liking – but I tend to like upbeat songs.

3) Yes We Can – Oscar Zia — omg TV heads. Love it already. Oh…it’s all of the same dude? Narcissist. I’m getting a very Backstreet Boys vibe with this song. Nope, not really digging it. This guy doesn’t really seem to have much of a stage personality. I’m finding myself watching the dancers more than him =\

 4) Burning Alive – Shirley Clamp — Liiiiiiiiiiiiight! She had a very pretty voice. Oh dang, she has a REALLY good voice. Oh snap and then the song picks up. Now it’s become a gay club anthem. Yes. Yeah, I really liked that. It wasn’t super gripping at first but I enjoyed this song! I’d send this through to the final!

5) All We Are – State of Mind — uh oh. A catchy-sounding riff (“all we are! all we are!”) I bet this is going to do well. Oh my god, adorable lead singer. I’m enjoying this. Shout out to the dude with the awesome curly/frizzy hair! Final, definitely.

6) En Enkel Sång – Cajsastina Åkerström — I’m really happy to see a song in Swedish! Although I don’t understand 99% of it, I still think it’s cool. This woman reminds me a bit of Stevie Nicks. Perhaps if I understood more, I’d like it better. But to me, this sounds like something that would be sung at a karaoke machine during a wedding.

7) Busy Doing Nothing – Ace Wilder — Get it, gurl. With your red pants and finger wagging. Oh shit, it just popped off. I just started liking this more. Not the strongest vocals, but I’m kinda diggin’ this. It’s fun and nothing too serious. Also, props to the contortionist dancer! I also like the stepping routine that goes with the chorus! I would vote this through to the final haha

8) Around the World – Dr. Alban & Jessica Folcker — This beat is cool but it sounds familiar….like from a 90s song. Oh man, he’s off key. This performance is kind of a mess. Oh my god, he’s kind of terrible. I’d rather just listen to this woman. She’s pretending he’s not singing awfully. Bless. ACE OF BASE! That’s what it reminds me of – ‘I saw the Sign’. Ironic because they’re Swedish as well :O

So if IIII were voting, I would send these songs to the final: Shirley Clamp, State of Mind and Ace Wilder.

And how did my predictions fare?


Really?! Oscar Zia made it through FIRST? He was rather boring! I’m glad that State of Mind got another chance but I’m sad that Shirley Clamp came in 6th. I really enjoyed her.

That’s all from me for this time! I don’t know how many more semi finals there are until the final.

Do you agree with my thoughts? Who was your favorite? Leave me a comment and let me know!


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Eurovision Fanboy: Melodifestivalen Reactions (3rd Semifinal)

  1. Thank you for your comment! I enjoyed reading your review as well! I will follow your blog and read your upcoming Eurovision and Melfest reviews. “Burning Alive” has grown on me more since I have played it a few times!

  2. Nice to see how serious Sweden take Eurovision. Thanks.

    • Haha they really ARE serious about it. It’s very impressive. But then again, Sweden is known for producing amazing pop music so I’m not terribly surprised. Thank you for following! 😀

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