Confessions of a Eurovision Fanboy: Melodifestivalen Andra Chansen


 So I don’t speak Swedish, but I’m assuming that ‘Andra Chansen’ means ‘Another Chance’ or something equivalent. I’ve already kind of given my opinions on these acts separately so I’ll just do a quick breakdown of who I think should advance. 

1) I don’t know, maybe it’s just me? I really don’t care for Ammotrack. 

2) I like Linus Svenning. 

3) Jem – Love Trigger – I like this song, I suppose. But to me, it just sounds like a Britney Spears/Will.I.Am song. And that’s kind of a travesty. The lead singer chick doesn’t seem to be as into it as the dancers/rappers are! 

4) State of Drama seems like they have the potential to go through. They almost remind me of ‘fun.’ without the copius autotune. 

5) Ellindre Holmer sounds less nervous this time around than she did last time. I’m still not digging her, really. She’s a good singer but just doesn’t appeal to me, I guess. 

6) I kind of forgot about Martin Stenmarck. But I like this. Seems very uplifting. 

7) Helena Paparizou is another one I kind of forgot about. But she seems fierce. 

8) Nooope, noooope. Outrigger is so weird haha. Too intense for me but they seem to be a crowd favorite. 

****** Results ******

Can I just say that I feel validated that Ammotrack was last place? I really did not care for them. Sorry, guys. 

It looks like Helena Paparizou and Linus Svenning are headed to the Final to compete with the other acts. I’m okay with this! 

 Seeing as Eurovision is right around the corner, I’m going to start writing my thoughts on the other countries’ acts! Sweden’s Melodifestivalen is so easy to get sucked in to!!


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