Eurovision Haikus: First Impressions


So now that Melodifestivalen is over (I accidentally spoiled the results for myself =\ oops)  I’ve started looking at other countries’ acts! I guess it’s still early, but I’ve been a bit underwhelmed by the entries so far.

Instead of writing a review of every countries’ song (because really, would anyone actually read it?), I’ve decided to write my thoughts on the entries so far in haiku form. If you didn’t know, haiku is a Japanese poetry style that follows a 5-7-5 syllabic pattern.

Videos are linked for your viewing pleasure. Here we go:



Nice Song and Vocals

Too deep for Eurovision

Yo. Trigger Warning



Some cool Celtic sounds

not enough to wake me up

from the song itself



Impressive vocals

Half English and Half Hebrew

Gurl, you’re fierce as hell



What is going on?

There might be a message here

I am so confused



Hot Mess. Hot Mess. Hot.

Mess Hot Mess Hot Mess Hot Mess

Hot Mess. Hot Mess. Damn.



Cool magic vid screen

EDM beats and screaming

Assault on eardrums



What a handsome group

I understand the whistling

But that’s about it


United Kingdom

Seems a bit boring

But anthemic and well-sung

Don’t know how I feel


 What are your thoughts on the entries so far, Eurovision fans? Leave your own haiku in the comments! 


One thought on “Eurovision Haikus: First Impressions

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