JPOP Friday! 5/2


This week’s featured Jpop Friday artist is CREAM!

I first heard about CREAM a few years back while living in Japan. They did covers to Western songs like Super Bass andI was really impressed with them.

Watching them evolve as artists has has been pretty impressive. Both Minami and Staxx T are incredibly creative and talented and it really shows in their music.

CREAM released they’re album DREAMIN’ last year in January and I really enjoyed it. Songs like Money Money Money, Firework and Whatever stuck out to me because they’re high energy and fun. Their song Shooting Star was also a pretty big hit and helped them break in to the mainstream spotlight.

Their new album #nofilter dropped on April 30th and, while more laid back and less in-your-face energetic than DREAMIN’, I think it still showcases their talent. Minami has a beautiful voice and Staxx T’s rapping is always fun to listen to.

Overall, #nofilter wasn’t what I expected but I still enjoyed it, though. CREAM is a fun group and they continue to put out great music that makes you want to move, smile and have a great time.


Favorite tracks: #nofilter, Nobody, Forever Young and Wonderland.

Similar artists: M-flo, Mademoiselle Yulia, capsule


What do you think of CREAM?



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